Will this banking led rally continue? Thursday Surf List 04-16-2016

SPY rallied today on financial services back as the results were better than expected leading into this tumultuous earnings season. Did anyone notice Oil prices dipping had little to no impact today on the overall market? If the positive earnings continue earnings are less worst than expected across multiple sectors we may see a SPY take out one year high at $213.

BioTech sector was also up today with IBB getting back on track to maintain the key $285 level that I've mentioned last week.

Thursday's Surf List

Lets take a look at ideas for tomorrow.

GPRO [GoPro, Inc.]


19% increase by just by hiring an apple designer? You can't just poach one talent (a designer?) and expect the business to change fundamentally just like adding a lipstick to a pig. Hello, former Zynga CEO from Microsoft! (to his defense he may not have been in the right environment either) In my opinion, this isn't going to drastically improve the product and increase sales.

You need a team of talented individuals with track record of previous successful ventures combined with executive powers to make a dramatic change in the business. I understand the value of design but not to the extend that warrants such a reaction that moves market cap by 200 Million+ intraday.

If this bullish trend continues then hey, I'm not to going to fight it. I'll rather join but I feel like this should be shorted/sold tomorrow right after the open.

BLCM [Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]


8%+ gain today as the sector itself was roaring as riding tides lifts all boats. If you had hold any decent BioTech stock you would have been up. All the BioTech stocks that I trade regularly ADMS, NK, OCUL were all up today and I locked in some profits. Nice technical breakout today for BLCM and I see a reversal in play just same way I've called out reversal breakout on ADMS two weeks ago. The higher lows combined with the breakout makes a powerful combo. I'll be on the lookout for BLCM to take out $13+ if this has legs to run.

CPXX [Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]

CPXX-04-14-2016 This stock has been on my watch for week now and I called it out when it was $13.75. The very next day profit taking started to happen as Cramer opined "SELL" now. I'll be looking for continuation tomorrow if there is more gas in the tank.

FEYE [FireEye, Inc.]

FEYE-04-14-2016 I've put out a research on FireEye two weeks ago where I mentioned I wanted to see if $17 can hold. So far so good. This will most likely be a swing position for me as I'll start to build buy position on a pull back. Given the 6%+ increase today I want to put this on a daily watch to see if similar momentum can continue.

FIT [FitBit, Inc.]

FIT-04-14-2016 Super breakout today and it filled the gap as well. Recently analyst have given a $20 price target. They are aggressively continuing international expansion and their earnings may turn out to be better than expected (lets hope). Regardless rumors are out there about takeover by bigger sports apparel company. Nike/UnderArmour place your bids. I'll be looking to buy pullback intraday and may hold to see if it can take out $20.

LL [Lumber Liquidators, Inc.]

LL-04-14-2016 I like the technicals than anything else for LL recently. Of course the PR about winning a law suite helped as well. Notice the higher highs and higher lows consistently since Feb 29th. Today LL took out 200 day moving average with authority. I'll buy any pull back to $14.50 - $14.80 area and look to join the trend to take out the recent resistance at $16.

Happy Trading/Investing!

PS: questions? comments? feedback? I'd love to hear them plus I'm not trying to sell you anything either :)