Tuesdays Surf List 04-12-2016 ANFI CLVS LEI UEPS

Here are the ideas that I'll be looking to play tomorrow.

ANFI [Amira Nature Foods Ltd.]

bcg-04-10-2016 Ran up 25% yesterday on the news that it will release it's financial results soon along with the full-year outlook. In case you are wondering why the stock rose on that news of delivering another news in the future. Imagine you've ordered something for delivery and it has been delayed for a while. You've almost lost your patience then delivery company (FedEx/UPS) calls you up and let's you know that in a 3-5 days they guarantee that the package will be delivered to you door. Just the news should make you happy regardless of the content inside of the package. Human nature, yeah? The run was just psychological in my mind and the dip today sort of enforces it. I'll be looking to short AFNI tomorrow but if this starts to hold $9.50 I wouldn't mind joining the trend upward in an anticipation of a good news that's soon to be delivered.

CLVS [Clovis Oncology, Inc.]


Last two quarter has been terrible for Clovis Oncology, Inc and it's bullish investors. First the drop from $100 to $30 and then to $15 on the news that FDA is skeptical if the drug is any better than what's already out there. CLVS is at it's 52 week low. I'll be primarily looking to join the trend to the downside tomorrow. But if this is going to hold up intraday like it did today from $14.40 to $15.40 then I'll be taking an intraday long scalp position. I definitely wouldn't hold this stock overnight on a full position (may be I'll hold a very small position if I have to hold overnight).

UEPS [Clovis Oncology, Inc.]


UEPS ran up on the news about securing additional funding today. Also after the run up it held $11.20s pretty well. I'd like to see this gap up and hold $11.70 tomorrow if the momentum is still strong to join the trend and try resistance at $13+. If there is a pullback I like it to form a base around $10.50 area for a day or two and move up from there.

LEI [Lucas Energy, Inc.]

LEI-04-12-2016 LEI continues to trend upwards and if this continues I see a short squeeze coming. Looks like tomorrow we may test $7 again. One has to watch the pre-market action on this stock. Past three days after the initial run up has been gap-up and then bleed throughout the day. It will be interesting to see if the same trend continues tomorrow. I wouldn't play this intraday if I can't catch the trade in the first one hour.

Happy Trading!